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Dub-Dub Records

Welcome to Dub-Dub Records

Formed in 2005 by producers Ilya Zimnovich (former producer of The Miracle) and Milla Von Weiss (former vocalist of the Miracle). In 2006, they had gained some notoriety for writing and producing songs for their joint act Ez Presso, the band was one of the finalists in 2006 Lounge Music festival, meanwhile, Ilya was also running the fledging LaPolitess project where Milla Von Weiss was a lead vocalist. In 2014, Ilya and Milla continue focusing their energies on Dub-Dub Records.

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Song Production

Dub-Dub Records produce songs for their artists

Sound engineering

Dub-Dub Records is equipped with professional digital stuff that will help you to sound PERFECT.


Dub-Dub Records configure the template the way you like without special technical knowledge

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Special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows-based mobiles

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Currently, the template supports 14 languages for both front-end and back-end.

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A style that uses pared-down design elements, removing everything in a piece, leaving just the necessary and needed elements

130+ font-icons for many purposes

JSN Mini is also the first JoomlaShine template with 130+ outstanding font icons for you to choose from.

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JSN Mini is well-crafted with extended styles for three extensions: Advanced Portfolio from ExtStore, Kunena and K2.

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Natively compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla! 3.x versions

Sticky menu

Sticky menu makes websites quicker to navigate.

Easy to start

JSN PowerAdmin facilitates delightful management and customization your Joomla website with ease and joy.

SEO Optimized

Pure html override and 2-1-3 ordered content presentation help search engines easily crawl the site.

Various Colors

6 color variations including blue, red, green, violet, orange and grey.

Portfolio Design

JSN Mini is dedicated to portfolio websites.

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