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Ez Presso is a musical side of Audice creative team, it unites musicians, programmers of music software and designers. The project is rooted in 1997, when Ilya Zimnovich, Milla Zimnovich and Stanislav Falmonov found The Moonlighr band. Tracker music was picked as a main genre the band worked in. The preference was given to the progressive (at that time - end of 90s) Trance and New Age genres.


The Miracle band becomes The Moonlight's incarnation. In 1998 when rave genre became highly popular in Germany The Miracle develops rave tunes in Russia

Ez Presso was created by the former members of The Miracle band. Ez Presso genre trends are various: Acid Jazz, Jazz Funk, Lounge, Neo Soul и R`n`B.
The band was one of SensoMusic (Russian Lounge Festival 2006) finalists.

Band regular members:
Ilya Zimnovich – producer, sequencers, keys, drums, saxophone, sound engineering, mastering;
Milla Zimnovich (anv Milla Von Weiss) – producer, singer/songwriter;
Alexander Biryukov (anv Intruder) – guitarist (acoustic, electric, bass).

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